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Where in space-time may you be? Is this a singularity, for which the laws are unknown yet? More importantly, is there an amplitude for you to return home? Were you dragged to the adventure of your life? Sorry, not today —it's just my wacky® home on WWW, where i call eigenhome. It's just a single html page today, we'll see what time will bring (or take away).

May the self-energy of point particles be with you!

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Computer related stuff

Chibi GMPed Linear Algebra Library

Okay, there exists comprehensive libraries such as LAPACK, BLAS (public-domain sources). So why did i bother? The story is, i once needed astronomical precision for matrix operations -majorly multiplication and finding eigenvalues-. My requirement was much beyond native FPU types, so i reluctantly switched to GMP, which decreased the computation speed drastically, but well, it's much better than nothing! So i fixed the problem about arithmetics operations, but the problem persisted, becauase i was still using some external libraries (BLAS and GSL) and none of them was using GMP. So i gathered a small library which uses GMP float type, unfortunately in C++, i fell for the damned siren —hey, don't blame me, GMP data class operators were so tempting! Besides, the code is very C (c99), if you don't worry about what actually happens when you write a '+' between two numbers, however (and of course, new-delete couple). In fact, it was converted from c99 code with minimal modification. You need to link it with libgmp and libgmp++, and other standard stuff libc, libm and libstdc++ (only for new and delete). It's released under GPL and not LGPL. The name is chibi, because she gets on ねえーちゃん BLAS's nerves (like Chibi-Usa), by doing something ねえーちゃん can't do despite her tiny dimensions, for it's beyond the limits.

So, what can it do? Matrix operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication, transpose, computation of eigenvalues and eigenvectors of symmetric matrices (which uses von Neumann's algorithm). It can also convert lower triangle format (which i hear to be popular at CERN) matrices to raw matrices, vice and versa. What are you looking at? That's it guys, for now. I may add determinants, matrix inversion, and some combo functions such as "multiply the first matrix by a constant, add it to second, and store the result in third", etc. in the future. Expect soon. RSN :)

You can grab the latest sources here:

Meanwhile, you may want to check out mpack, mpfr, zkcm and the High-Precision Software Directory.

Wacky PSIV Save-State Hacking Tool

As the title says, this mini-tool is written for modifying Phantasy Star IV save-state data (saved with Gens or Genecyst). It was intended for personal use, but well, maybe it's of use to someone, so here you go. But what can be wacky about a save-state tool anyway? Nothing actually, the name is a tribute to the Goddess of Wackiness! This one's thanks to Andrea, my part-time beta-tester.

XFS File Rescue Tool

Back in 2008 August, my computer's (internal) harddrive passed away with a hardware failure. Well, I had my backups on an external 750GB USB disk, so I could live with a Live CD + my external disk. But then I "accidentaly" formatted my almighty XFS partition on that very same day (all thanks to the Mandriva Live CD, which ran mkfs.xfs without confirmation). What is worse is, I found out that the genious who wrote the code that runs mkfs.xfs decided to set data section options explicity, which made new agcount 16 (the default options result in 4 AGs) so some of my inodes and stuff were replaced by superblocks. So I desperately needed a tool that can recover from a formatted and damaged XFS filesystem. But well, there was none. So i digged up in the SGI's website, and found the holy document that saved me from the depths of agony :)
  XFS Filesystem Structure
And I got this quick-n-dirty code out of it in a few days, which saved almost everything from that crippled filesystem. It served well as "unformat" or BIG undelete for XFS :) Make sure to see the README first!
I have recently found this new utility, xfs_irecover, which is a part of hxtools:
This tool should be more reliable on healthy inodes and datablocks since it uses xfs_db, but if you need flexibility and low-level control in filesystem operations (which is something you want, if your filesystem is damaged overall), you can switch back to xfsr.


Ever needed an image viewer that will let you view CG archives in a similar spirit as in おまけ screens in the games?

There're other projects hosted under GNU/Anime as well, see the full list here.

AGTH Companion

AGTHC is a unified frontend for various Japanese translators, transliterators, dictionaries and part-of-speech taggers. Since AGTH has no problems running under GNU/Linux with Wine, this script is a free alternative to ATLAS. You don't really need AGTH to use this program, though. See the project page for details:


Console development related stuff?

Looking for LICH, small-ark, romutils, demi or libgen? Have a visit to Free Console's home. The projects are quite dead nowadays, though. Most of the sources are not uploaded to CVS yet, you'll find little to none of sources at Savannah CVS; however you can get most of the sources here. (update: apparently you can't, because majority of the files are mysteriously gone. I'll get them on GitHub RSN.) Be warned, some of them may not work or even compile properly —that's why they weren't uploaded to CVS! For demi, see SourceForge project page.


You can find my active repositories on Github. I'll push other sources on GitHub at some point.

Physics related stuff

Sadly, there's not much content in this department for now.

Other stuff

Aside from these, i have a blog (which appears to be down nowadays) —however, the update frequency can be compared to the average line-up frequency of nine planets :P

Aaaand, keeping up with the latest fashion, here's a screenshot of my desktop. Yup, unfortunately it's intel :/

(and "KDE 98" version of my desktop)

Never Asked Questions

The place for questions you never want to ask, maybe because you are too shy or you'd never bother; but you just feel tempted to read the answers, however. Here they are!

Random Notes

They don't seem to fit anywhere... so, why not to make a section for them?
Last but not least, i have some banners i feel like waving now, so here they go:
"What I cannot create, I do not understand" GNU's not UNIX! Chromium: Faster. Better. Once again, the gods have descenced upon earth. Go! Long live game metal!!

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